best golf ball for mid handicapper

Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicapper

As a mid handicapper, you probably want to get the most out of your game. You may have tried different types of golf balls in hopes that it will improve your game. But did you know there are certain types of golf balls best suited for mid handicappers? Keep reading to learn about the some Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicapper.

The Affordable golf balls for mid handicappers are ones that enable them to score well consistently. These kinds of golfers don’t have the swing speed or consistency of professionals, so they need a ball that will help them on average shots. A good ball must also be durable enough to withstand plenty of play before it’s lost or becomes unusable.

The first step is making sure you’re using the right equipment in the first place! Since this article focuses on specific types of golf balls, make sure your driver has some forgiveness too!

Following are the Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicapper

If you’re a mid handicapper and can’t seem to find the perfect golf ball for Mid Handicapper, this blog is for you. We will discuss some of the best balls on the market that will help make your game better.

Titleist Tour Soft

The Titleist Tour Soft golf balls are the newest addition to the company’s line of soft-feeling tour balls.

The new ball features a softer compression core that is said to provide more distance and control than other similar balls on the market but with less spin.

It also features an ionomer cover that gives it increased durability, allowing it to last longer on the course without losing its shape or feel.

best golf ball for mid handicapper
Features Twelve balls a pack
Two colors (all glosses)
T-shape side stamp alignment
342 cuboctahedron dimple designs
Low compression total (60 – 65)
Large softcore
Thin 4CE grafted cover
  Two-piece construction
Soft feel and nice spin around the green

Srixon Soft Feel

A few weeks ago I bought my first set of golf clubs. The Golf Shop Guy said that the new Srixon Soft Feel is a very forgiving club and would be perfect for me.

He also said it has a great feel on contact with the ball, which will help me improve my game faster because I can know what to expect when hitting the ball.

After playing just one round of golf with these clubs, I am so glad he was right! It’s tough to learn how to play golf without some kind of assistance but this soft feel really helps you understand where your shots are going without too much trouble at all.

Srixon Soft Feel


Great putter alignment
Great distance off the tee
Nice soft feel on all clubs
Easy to spot in grasses

Noodle Long & Soft

The new TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft golf ball is designed for anyone who wants to play a longer, softer ball.

The softcore helps give you a great feel while the “liquid-metal” cover gives you better control around the green and on your approach shots.

This is a great choice if you are looking to gain more distance off of your tee shot or just want something that will help keep it in play when hitting into trouble. You can also check out our blog post about how this amazing ball has helped one golfer lower his handicap by four strokes!

best golf ball for mid handicapper
Number of Dimples 342
Constructions 2 pieces
Compression Ultra-low (34)
Color Options White
Cover Material Iothane
Brand TaylorMade


Durable and good greenside control
Nice soft feeling off the putter, drivers, and other irons

Titleist Velocity

The new Titleist Velocity golf ball is a great choice for players of all skill levels.

With its three-piece construction and low compression, this ball will allow you to maximize your distance every time you hit the links.

The cover technology provides exceptional spin characteristics that will keep your shots on target, even in windy conditions. Whether you play at the club level or just like to get out with friends on weekends, this is a ball that can help take your game to the next level.

best golf ball for mid handicapper
Brand Titleist
Cover Material NAZ + Surlyn
Number of Dimples 350
Constructions 2 pieces
Compression Mid (75 – 80)
Pros; Easy to see in the sky
Great for drop-and-stop games
Great spin control around the green
Excellent distance off the tee

Titleist TruFeel

Here at the Titleist Pro-Shop, we pride ourselves on our selection of golf balls. We offer some of the best brands in the industry including Titleist and Bridgestone balls.

Each ball is crafted with its own unique features that can help you achieve your personal best. Our staff has taken time to research each product so they are able to assist you in finding the right ball for your game. Whether it is a high handicapper or scratch golfer, we have something for everyone! Come down today and try out some balls before you buy them!

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls are available here at The Titleist Pro Shop! These soft feeling balls provide exceptional control around greens as well as great distance off of every clubface.

best golf ball for mid handicapper
Number of Dimples 376
Constructions 2 pieces
Compression Low (50 – 70)
Color Options White, yellow, red
Cover Material Polyurethane
Style Great spin control around the green
Features Comfort, Lightweight, Breathable
Easy to find on fairways
Good feel off the clubface

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How To Choose Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicapper

1. Distance

In my opinion, all kinds of golfers need a distance ball. Mid-handicappers want to hit it further without putting more force on their irons and lower handicap players can also use these balls for shot-making practice knowing they will be able take the perfect club choice from gentle boundery shots up until longer carries in addition having increased yardages.

This type would work best with slower swing speeds as well since there is less energy transfer due to its lighter weight coupled by thinner covers which allow air resistance while still remaining durable enough so that not too much spin kicks into motion off your clubs at impact – just what we’re looking out after when hitting long distances!

2. The Ball’s Construction

A golf ball’s construction refers to the several layers that make up a modern-day version of this ancient game.

In both single-piece and multiple piece designs, these components include: core material (of which there are many), mantle on top for more consistent flighting compared with older models made from animal hide;

coverings such as Teflon or waxes then finish it off before shipping off into stores around your neighborhood!

3. Golf ball fitting is the future

The industry needs to focus more on fitting golfers for balls that will actually help them shoot lower scores.

It’s evident the only piece of equipment every golfer uses in their game, is the ball itself – no matter what club you use or where on course it may be used.

The more significant change coming out this test should be focusing less marketing (feel) and putting an emphasis into having

conversations about how specific brands are best suited around your skillset instead; because there isn’t one type size right fit all rounds! But distance definitely matters–it’s easy enough picking up 288 yards off teeboxes but can make alldifference when tryingto reach greenside bunkers with long grass growing next door

4. Control and Spin

A golf ball with good control and spin is key when trying to upgrade your game.

The types of shots you need will determine which kind works best for you though, as low-spinning balls are great in long shots but less so on approach clubs where higher revolutions are needed near greens .

If an ultra soft cover can’t reduce the amount that comes off fast swings at high speeds then they might actually make matters worse by scraping against some surfaces too much causing drag – not ideal!

5. Ball Compression

The compression of a golf ball defines its hardness.

Golf balls with lower compressions feel softer, which are good for slower swings due to their forgiving nature and allows the golfer more time on each shot they take because it decreases power

required during swing motions making them easier to make contact with greens or other objects in play while still providing distance control at higher speeds where players can get closer without affecting accuracy too much since this is why average skill levels should choose soft-compressioned balls when playing mid range clubs (ridge).

As an amid handicap player you need something that will not fight back so much against your hands causing hooks looping shots into rocks etcetera

6. Pick one ball and play it

There’s a good chance you know someone who is chasing their golf dreams, but it seems like they can never quite get there. Their game suffers from inconsistency and frustration because of this lack in focus on one thing: the ball!

It may sound too simple at first glance – which we wouldn’t blame them for thinking – picking out just an optimal type/model combo to play exclusively with until your perfect setup has been found (if ever). But after spending hours and days testing every kind imaginable into oblivion under review here at The instructable blog;

We believe strongly enough that anyone who puts forth less effort will clearly see better physical results than having several different models liable around town without knowing what works best against various situations

Final thoughts about Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicapper

The best golf ball for a mid handicapper is one that will provide the most distance and accuracy. To find out which golf balls are right for you, we recommend doing some research online to see what other people have said about different brands. You can also ask your pro shop if they could help you choose between two or three options based on your skill level and budget! Which type of golf balls do you usually play?

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