What Does Body Only Mean When Buying a Camera

What Does Body Only Mean When Buying a Camera

What does body only mean when buying a camera? Most sellers will use this term to refer to an empty camera body without a lens. A seller might give you a high quotation which is reasonable to you. But when you receive the camera body, you discover that it is not a complete one and some accessories are missing.

The camera market is changing. When buying cameras it is important to understand all the options available. The camera market is changing. The market is flooded with “mirrorless” cameras. What does this mean? Does it make sense to buy a body-only camera? Learn more in this blog..

The word “Body” means the camera itself, without any lenses. You will generally receive the body without additional lenses, 1 battery, 1 charger, 1 manual, and a warranty paper for the DSLR camera body.

Most entry-level DSLRs do not sell their cameras as “body only”, but they may be bundled with an additional lens called a “starter kit” that is often cheaper in price than if you were to buy the lens separate from the body.

In the overcrowded marketplace of photography, photographers can encounter different types of advertising from camera companies trying to sell cameras. The latest buzz phrase is a “body only’ camera. This blog looks at what it means when a camera is only sold as a body or body only.

Nikon DSLR cameras come in two different options: body only and kits that include a lens. If you already have a lens, the body-only option is going to suit you best, but if you don’t then we would suggest getting the kit so that you get the equipment you need to get started right away.

There are so many cameras on the market today from dSLR to mirrorless to point and shoot. They all have different features and different price points. When you go to buy a camera you are likely going to find that you need to buy a “body only” camera. This blog will look at what body only means when buying a camera.

When you go to buy a new camera you will see the word “body only” on many of the listings. What does body only mean? What do you need the body for? This blog will help you understand what the body is and what you need it for.



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