What is a Bullet Camera

What is a Bullet Camera

What is a Bullet Camera? Bullet cameras are also known as bullet-style surveillance cameras, which have a distinct cylindrical shape that looks like the inside of a bullet shell or lipstick tube.

Among the most popular types of security cameras on the market, bullet cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors and are an effective deterrent against illegal activity where they’re placed.

Bullet cameras are mainly used to keep an eye on entrances and exits. They are great for monitoring industrial environments like warehouses, etc., as well as parking lots.

They can also monitor streets in urban areas. The reason they’re also effective in residential areas is because even if it’s dark out, the bullet camera will still be able to capture high resolution footage due to its built-in infrared light or optional flash lighting (that needs to be added separately).

A bullet camera is a specific type of hidden camera that is shaped like a classic bullet, but does not have the general appearance of a firearm.

People often use it for surveillance purposes – for example to protect their homes and businesses from theft.

It can be mounted on walls or ceilings with ease thanks to its PTZ support and can provide one with full control over the camera’s movements so that you can point it in whatever direction you wish rather than having to remain at an established angle.

Bullet cameras get their name from their design: with a cylindrical shape and sharp, prominent edges that stick out like the shell of a bullet.

Although they’re specifically intended for outdoor use, inside home security systems can definitely benefit as well. Camera installation is easy enough too – whether it’s mounting to the wall or laying flat on a table, bullet camera placement is simple.

Besides looking nice in any setting, using this type of camera also makes sound surveillance easier than ever because it’s usually equipped with an omni directional microphone, making gathering data from all directions easier and allowing you to clearly hear what might otherwise go unheard elsewhere.

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