What is PS 2 Mouse

What is PS 2 Mouse

What is PS 2 Mouse? Computer ports are interfaces between the computer and its output devices, like printers, speakers, mouses and so on. This port can be of many types such as parallel, USB or serial. Furthermore, the processing speed of a CPU is much faster than those input/output devices.

It is important to take care that our data lines don’t engage for too long else it can affect the overall performance. Therefore, these ports are used by connecting these devices to them.

In 1987, IBM invented a new type of connector that was meant to replace the round shape that had been used since the ‘60s.

This new design was called PS/2, and it featured a 6-pin mini-DIN plug in which you could connect either a keyboard or mouse using special adapters designed for each machine.

What is PS 2 Mouse? Overall, it was a connection protocol designed specifically for their system of personal computers: System/2.

It wasn’t until almost 20 years later that other machines incorporated this design into their motherboard design, leading to the eventual extinction of its name but the multiple functions that have been adapted in newer ports across today’s computing world.

When we talk about essential devices, the mouse is one of the first things that comes to mind. This is mainly because it has been a crucial part in terms of personal computers’ user interfaces right since the beginning.

However, a mouse isn’t all the same, as there are different kinds such as optical and laser, just to name but a few. The mouse is an especially important part in the realm of gaming because users now input all their commands via buttons in order to make a game more interesting.

What is PS 2 Mouse? Also, you need to be aware that these days you can actually make your wireless mouse wireless by using its USB receiver or else via infrared or Bluetooth technology so that you don’t always have to be stuck near your PC while using your computer!

In today’s day and age, the demand for computer games has been steadily rising and this is due in part to the development of more sophisticated games and consoles.

One of the most advanced PlayStation consoles currently on the market is Version 2 with some wonderful new features including…

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