What is Stereo Camera

What is Stereo Camera

What is Stereo Camera? A stereo camera is just like two eyes, giving it the ability to focus on images as a human would. Clearly, this would give an advantage as more of a view can be obtained than if only one eye was used.

Furthermore, having two cameras means we can accurately measure distances with exact precision while being able to simultaneously capture 3D images or video.

The distance between the lenses in a typical stereo camera (the intra-axial distance) is about 6.35 cm which coincidentally is exactly the same as that between our own eyes!

What is stereo camera and how it works? A stereo camera is a device that can capture three-dimensional images. The way a stereo camera works is simple, it uses two or more cameras, spaced a small distance apart.

These two or more cameras capture the same object from slightly different view points. By combining two or more images from either two or more cameras or a single camera with multiple sensors, it is possible to produce a three dimensional image.

3D camera’s are used in the 3D scanning industry to scan a concrete object and create a digital file. This file can then be used for 3D printing or 3D design purposes.

camera technology uses two images, that are taken from two different perspectives and when these two images are combined, a 3D image is produced.

This blog will look at how 3D camera’s work, their uses, how  camera technology works and how it can benefit you.

3D camera systems have been around for over a decade and are used in many different industries and sectors.

They are essentially a set of cameras that use a rig to take 3D images or video of a scene. In this blog we will discuss what they are, what they are used for and their applications.

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